Sectors Details


We have supported the military aerospace industry and have now expanded these services into the civil aviation sector.
Our engineers have been designing solutions for aircraft interiors with power management, connectivity and wireless systems to meet the evolving user demands.


Highly experienced within industrial applications, we’ve picked our franchises not only for their mil-standard components but for how they support diverse sectors. Supported by our team of application engineers and technical advisers, we provide electronics components and solutions, as well as bespoke delivery and logistics to the worlds greatest OEMs in power systems, oil & gas, transportation, instrumentation, and medical sectors, and through-out the tiers of their supply-chains.


We will continue our involvement within the medical sector by investing and adapting, as we always have done with all of our customers requirements.
Astute provide an all encompassing supply-chain solution. With technical product management for over 45+ electronic component manufacturers, and in-house logistics expertise, Astute can help to consolidate complex project elements, helping you get back to your core purpose.


We have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of alternative energy sources over the past few years; providing power management systems that incorporate organic renewable solar, hydrogen fuel cells, lithium battery packs and customisable power solutions.

Our engineering team are exploring the art of the possible to provide sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.