Broker Service

Regardless of your problem arises from component obsolescence or poor planning, the broker services team at Gaet is ready to assist you. Since Gaet inception in 2012 our goal has been to build up an unmatched supplier network, consisting of manufacturers, distributors, OEM and EMS companies. Through this massive supplier base we will solve your current problem. But don’t believe us, CHALLENGE US!

Key points for Successful Broker Services

Not only do we have a massive supplier base, but it is also vendor qualified which ensures all delivered parts meet the manufacturers’ requirements. Efficient logistic department which has the capacity to deliver products world-wide in less than 48 hours. Cost Control – thanks to our constant contact with the spot market we have a unique insight into the supply and demand of certain components and consequently have great opportunities to procure parts at very competitive pricing. PPV – Price Point Variance exploitation. Even though it is a global world the same cannot be said when it comes to the pricing of components used in your product! Let us make sure we are buying your critical parts in an area of the world where the pricing is most favourable..

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